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Value of a Business Review

Any IT partner worth their salt provides Quarterly Business Reviews QBRs. So, what is a Business Review, and what value does it offer? Find out in this short #BFGTechTalk.

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The Value of a Business Review

An IT Business Review is a comprehensive evaluation process where the alignment of your (IT) infrastructure with its business goals and objectives is assessed. This review is crucial to ensure that your IT resources are being utilized effectively and are supporting the business’s strategic directions.

Here’s what you can expect to receive during an IT Business Review:

1. Assessment of Current IT Infrastructure:

This involves evaluating the current state of your IT systems, hardware, software, data management, and security protocols to understand how they support business operations.

2. Alignment with Business Goals:

The review checks how well the IT strategy aligns with your overall business objectives. It ensures that IT initiatives are in sync with the business’s strategic goals, facilitating growth and efficiency.

3. Identifying Gaps and Opportunities:

By comparing current IT capabilities with business needs, the review identifies gaps where IT is not effectively supporting the business and highlights opportunities where new IT solutions could drive business value.

4. Risk Management:

Evaluating the risks associated with the current IT infrastructure, including cybersecurity threats, data loss risks, and compliance issues, is a crucial part of the review.

5. Recommendations and Roadmap:

Based on the findings, the review provides recommendations for improving IT’s alignment with business objectives. This includes suggesting new technologies, process improvements, or changes in IT governance. A roadmap is often developed to guide the implementation of these recommendations.

6. Cost Analysis:

The review includes an analysis of IT spending, aiming to optimize costs while ensuring the business has the necessary technological support.

7. Stakeholder Engagement:

This involves engaging with various stakeholders within your organization to gather insights and ensure that the IT strategy aligns with the needs and expectations of the business.

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