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Leveraging Cloud Security

Cloud has become the foundation that enables businesses to transform, differentiate, and gain a competitive advantage. As companies focus on improving operations and providing greater flexibility to remote workers, you have to have a security plan in mind to protect your data.

Blue Fox Group helps businesses of all sizes overcome the complexities of multiple cloud platforms by bringing the strategy, planning, design, support, and security all under one umbrella. Implement and adopt new cloud technologies that leverage the immense benefits of the cloud without having to manage the complexity.

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Secure Cloud Infrastructure Made Easy

Cloud Planning & Support

Blue Fox Group works with your team, identifies, defines, and builds a cloud roadmap that provides clarity to what should be in the cloud, how and when to move specific parts of your network to the cloud and how to manage those functions in the cloud for peak performance and maximum team efficiencies.

Immediate advantages of working with Blue Fox Group Cloud Services include:

  • Build a comprehensive and maintainable cloud roadmap
  • Account for all technology on various cloud platforms across the network
  • Plan and budget for future cloud upgrades and needs
  • Simplify cloud challenges and security errors that occur during cloud implementation
  • Equip your team with advanced and flexible technology to collaborate and succeed both in the office and remotely
  • Experience exceptional cloud performance and speeds
  • Complete cloud security to prevent data leaks
  • Do things you never thought you could do in the cloud!
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Managed Detection & Response

Businesses face an ever-changing barrage of challenges to their data in the cloud. Advanced AI detection, 24×7 monitoring detects known and zero-day threats respond and remove threats before they reach your environment quickly, efficiently, and systematically.

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Superior Cloud Performance

If a business cannot monitor cloud traffic and prioritize suitable applications, the internet will, at some point, experience latency and slow performance. While the cloud is attractive to small-to-medium-sized businesses due to its incredible flexibility to add and subtract users, provide instant access from any location, and be priced in small monthly increments, the cloud does not come without its own set of issues.

Slow internet performance accompanies the cloud. If a business cannot monitor cloud traffic and prioritize suitable applications, the internet will, at some point, experience latency and slow performance. SD-WAN recognizes certain types of traffic and provides a controlled path on public internet circuits. It ensures that your most essential applications perform at top speeds.

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Cloud computing offers a variety of benefits from cost, increased uptime, and simplified backup and restore. Whether you want to avoid significant out-of-pocket upgrade expenses or want to move a running virtual machine from one host to another without suffering downtime or security threats, the cloud is the way to go.

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