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Remote Monitoring & Security Management

Don’t put your business at risk with network services that are missing critical security, detection, monitoring, and mediation.

Businesses face an ever-changing barrage of challenges to their IT Security. Even if you have the latest antivirus software installed and firewalls up to date, it can be challenging to detect the actual signal of a threat when your IT team is drowning in a sea of extraneous alerts. Let us help you build a system that uses advanced AI detection to convert alert noise into threat intelligence. 24×7 monitoring detects known and zero-day threats that respond and remove threats before they quickly, efficiently, and systematically reach your environment.

Blue Fox Groups’ ability to locate, update and monitor your network endpoints for alerts, irregularities, and updates. A monitoring agent is installed on computer equipment, servers, network devices, and mobile devices, providing:

  • Centralized administration
  • Cybersecurity and Network protection
  • Microsoft security patching and updates
  • Programmed Auto-maintenance on Your Equipment
  • Application, Performance & Hardware Monitoring
  • Remote Support Access
  • Automated Monitoring Alerts: which help limit unexpected expenses and time troubleshooting unforeseen issues
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing

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Blue Fox Group Client:

“We experienced a very successful Scottsdale office set up today from your team! They are “fixers.”  They are also professional, know what they’re doing, and always go the extra mile to make the customer experience positive.  Providing a plan in advance really helped our team come prepared. Thanks so much!”

–G. Boyd Business Manager, Acorn Consulting Services, LLC

Scalable & Effective IT Security

Built-in Updates & Patch Management

Automated patch policies and updates keep our clients’ machines secure from the latest threats without the need for manual updating. Flexible patch approvals and local caching allow our techs to support more extensive networks, and comprehensive reporting and dashboards provide visibility into compliance.

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Know Which Threats Matter

It’s hard to detect the actual signal of a threat when you’re drowning in a sea of extraneous alerts. Using advanced AI tools to validate and triage alerts automatically, Blue Fox helps you collate forensic data and convert alert noise into threat intelligence you can use to detect and respond to signals that really matter.

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Transition from Reactive to Preventative

Blue Fox Group’s security solutions help you transition efficiently from a reactive to a prevention-first security posture. While one security software application will not secure your data, the blend of our expertise, security solutions, and AI detection will guarantee you detect and prevent security threats.

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Let’s Talk About Securing Your IT Environment 

Let’s discuss your security options.

Safeguarding your business from cyber threats demands a comprehensive solution that extends beyond data protection. We provide a professional security audit that will follow a 5-step process providing you with a plan of action for moving forward.

  • Review of your security posture and gaps
  • Review any regulatory compliance activity and requirements
  • Review the best practice Cloud Strategy
  • Determine how to store and safeguard large amounts of sensitive data
  • Build a Remote Worker Security Checklist
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