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proactive IT
solutions for
your business

Our goal is simple:

Blue Fox Group provides customers reliable, proactive, and comprehensive IT solutions. We simplify your technology, streamline your operations, and identify IT and business risk.


We’ll help you plan and align technology to meet your business outcomes.

our solutions

managed IT services

project IT services

security surveillance

solving business
pains to generate

Here are some of the ways we employ Blue Fox Group’s guiding philosophy to provide proactive technology solutions to small to mid-sized organizations.

centralized services

  • Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware
  • Backup & DR
  • Cloud Services

network administration

  • Proactive Technology
  • Management
  • Best Practices
  • Implement “Your Company Way”

virtual CIO

  • Business impact of technology
  • Technology Summary
  • Design Desk
  • Budget Planning
  • Plan the work

professional services

  • Implement the technology
  • Escalations
  • SWAT team
  • Work the plan
  • Upgrades


  • Remote Helpdesk
  • Onsite Service
  • How-to Questions


who we help

employee count

15 to 500

annual revenue

2mil to 500mil

infrastructure budget

25k to 500k

  • Credible and established
  • Operationally sound
  • Strong ethics, values, and company culture
  • Makes decisions based on value and business risk
  • Appreciates process and planning
  • Aware that they are not experts in everything
  • Trying to fix issues or manage a process that improves the business.
  • You wish you could spend your money in areas of IT that help the business grow rather than replacing out-of-date equipment.
  • You know you need a long-term business plan to leverage the technology you have in place and budget for future upgrades and expansion.
  • You need to identify the risk that consumes valuable employee time and resources.
  • Looking for an IT consultant who is an expert in their field to help them make the right decisions

Does this sound like your business?

Let us help you streamline business efficiencies through innovative IT solutions.

our approach

Our team of IT professionals focus on three specific objectives when it comes to leveraging technology to improve your business.

1. work smarter

by reducing interruptions and support questions related to IT.

2. lower costs

by implementing strategic tactics that drive down unplanned expenses and prepare for long-term upgrades, maintenance, and replacement around your business objectives.

3. increase margins

through heightened levels of productivity that are achievable when your technology is properly aligned and used to help your team, not slow them down.

what to expect

We follow a simple formula that gives business and IT leaders the ability to use defined business goals as a means to align IT and meet those business objectives. We do this in 3 distinct ways:

start with a technology appraisal

Our specialized questionnaire and interview built/designed to focus on strategic business initiatives that focus on standards and alignment of your IT infrastructure, identifying the impact of productivity, opportunity costs and business risk to the business.

develop a strategic roadmap

Develop a STRATEGIC ROADMAP that is presented to business and IT leaders Red/Yellow/Green-lighting issues around industry standardization and best practices that allows business decisions to be made by prioritizing issues and aligning technology to meet business outcomes.

build a technology roadmap

Build a technology roadmap, laying out a budget, projects, and technical alignment goals over a 1–5-year period of time, reducing the guesswork around future improvements and investment.

evaluating goals, exceeding expectations

let’s connect

Whether you know exactly the level of IT support your business needs or you’re looking to consult with an IT expert, Blue Fox Group is here. Let’s connect!

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