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Managed IT Company Services for  Business

Managed IT Company Services for Predictable Costs & Improved Business Outcomes

Technology is growing at the rate of business, and keeping up with changes requires time, investment, and expertise unless you decide to explore managed services.

Managed IT provides businesses of all sizes with small and large budgets the luxury of gaining enterprise IT skills with the cost associated with employing a CIO, expensive network engineer, or cloud and cybersecurity expert. Our preventative maintenance, monitoring, and cybersecurity detection find and prevent problems from escalating into more costly problems down the road. As a Blue Fox Group client, you have access to our team of experts providing real, problem-solving answers that keep technology working for you at a dependable, set cost.

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Benefits of Arizona Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services for Companies

Managed IT Services has opened the door for small and large companies alike to access and leverage technology to thrive and compete at a predictable, monthly fee. As technology becomes more critical to daily operations, and more employees work from home, managed IT company services are becoming necessary for every business to consider. In this blog, we will break down the IT model and look at why business and IT company professionals are looking to Managed IT Service Partners to meet business objectives, secure data, and service an ever-expanding remote workforce.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services provide advanced IT company planning, design, procurement, and support services at a set monthly fee. A Managed IT Company Service Provider brings a team of certified IT experts who ensure the performance of specific functions like storage, back-up, data recovery, network monitoring, and data security. They also help your internal team plan around the expected infrastructure lifespan and replacement needs of all technology on the network over a period of time.

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What Should You Expect When You Work with a Managed Service Provider?

There are numerous Managed Service providers in the market, and most of them provide similar services. But we suggest you look for a managed service partner who can offer the following:

  1. Look for an IT Partner Who Listens (to You)

Most IT partners provide IT services, but that should not be all that they do. Look for an IT partner who is open to your input, who will ask questions, and look for ways to provide value by helping you develop and leverage technology to drive business outcomes as a contributor to your business’ success.

  1. Look for a Partner Who Combines IT Services Under ONE Umbrella

Many businesses expect their IT partner to “do it all” when in reality, many IT partners only manage select aspects of the network, making it very difficult to troubleshoot slow performance and full network recovery in times of emergency. Work with a partner who can manage all aspects of your network with a clear understanding of how all pieces of the network fit together.

  1. Look for a Partner who Provides CIO Services, Quarterly Business Reviews, and Onsite Expertise

CIO’s are an expensive resource to hire. IT partners should bring a CIO level of expertise and support that aligns IT with the strategic goals of the business. Additionally, look for a partner that goes beyond CIO services and provides onsite check-ups and quarterly business reviews in person with your team to ensure your network is secure and performing at its best.

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At Blue Fox Group, we work harder to help business leaders find more time to focus on high-priority tasks, reduce costs over time and work from an IT Roadmap that increases margins, plans for IT spend and reduces error in a very systematic way.

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