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our approach to IT helps keep your business productive and on budget

what makes us different?

While other companies only focus on the quick fix to daily IT problems or your technical pains, Blue Fox Group also tackles your business pains.

Our approach helps eliminate IT emergencies, reduces daily disruptions in productivity, and aligns your budget to your business goals.

here’s what we mean…

difference in approach


“What will fix this for now, and how quickly can I move on to the next job?”


“Why did this happen, and how can we prevent it from happening in the future?”

  • Partially fixing the immediate issue knowing it may cause bigger problems later


  • Troubleshoot IT issues alongside established standards and processes tailored to improve your business
  • Spending most of your IT budget on replacing equipment and unnecessary upgrades


  • Follow an agreed upon IT budget and plan for your business to replace technology over a realistic period of time
  • Always on the defensive reacting to emergencies instead of putting in the effort for a long term solution


  • Assess the needs of your business on an ongoing basis to minimize daily disruptions and anticipate new challenges

IT should support business outcomes, not the other way around.

At Blue Fox Group, we can take care of all your IT needs or provide assistance to your existing IT department. Our team is ready to help you find long-term solutions to your business pains.

Let us show you a better way to align your IT deliverables to your business outcomes. Get started today!

who we’re not

We don’t give you advice without a strategy.

Advice without a strategy is a sales pitch, and we’re not salespeople. We are your business and IT consultant.

What we know:

Every IT decision has an impact on daily operations. IT support without assessing the impact on your business only leads to more time and money lost.

We don’t sell you reactive support.

If your IT company only addresses problems when they become emergencies, your business suffers. Reactive support is chaotic, and it’s not how we want to partner with you.


We personalize an IT strategy for your business, so we can be proactive with managed IT services. This lowers the frequency of business interruptions, so your team can focus on the real work that drives success.

We won’t compete on price.

We want to make an impact on your business, so we compete on value, not price; we’re confident in our ability to deliver excellence.

Putting your money where our mouth is.

By aligning IT consulting with our expertise as well as industry best practices, what you get back in time, productivity, and positive outcomes will far outweigh your investment in our IT services.

what our clients have
to say...

I was initially skeptical if Bluefox could truly provide the services and the level of expertise they claim...

let’s streamline your business operations

Partnering with Blue Fox Group allows you to focus on what matters most, so your business can grow and thrive.

Step 1 of 2

what to expect when you partner with bluefoxgroup

  • We operate as business consultants that work from an established strategic IT roadmap. Not as technicians who buy and fix IT.
  • Our team delivers a consistent set of industry standards and best practices across all areas of your business.
  • Reduce IT costs, eliminate risk and improve technology – enabling you to focus on higher value objectives, rather than fixing IT problems yourself.
  • We’ll help you move from transactional to transformational decision-making. This helps business leaders make better decisions when managing “from the gray.”

are you really only looking for IT support?

Consider a long-term business plan that leverages technology and identifies what you need to transform your business.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit.

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