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Wait! Here’s Why You Need to Get A Dedicated IT Service

If you own a business, here’s how it has already become vulnerable…

Initially, everything seemed to be running smoothly until you decided to scale. The first major problem that you faced was the lack of financial resources.

Thus, you decided to go for a cost-cut wherever possible. You increased the production and supply of your core product, and the expenses started to rise yet again. Thus, you started to compromise on your IT service.

But wait! Are you really doing the right thing? It is surely providing you a temporary measure, but will your business sustain in the long run with a compromised IT support system?

Absolutely not!

Remember Medstar Health? It was a group of hospitals that operated around Baltimore and Washington. Due to their compromised IT services, hackers were able to attack their network with an unknown virus, which resulted in a shutdown of its patient database and email system.

Now, do you still think that compromising your IT service is a good thing? No, right!

5 Things A Dedicated IT Service Will Do for You

1. Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM)

An RMM agent will be installed on your servers, computer equipment, and mobile devices. This will be able to locate, update, and monitor your systems.

Along with that, it will provide you with the Microsoft security patches, a well-established centralized administration, hardware, and performance monitoring.

With RMM, you can rest assured about any possible glitches, as it will be able to detect any kind of abnormalities in your system and will inform you of the same.

The dedicated IT team will resolve the issue way before it becomes a big hiccup.

2. Support Desk Services

With quality level support, you can never go wrong. You’ll get help whenever you need it, with minimal effort.

Support desk services with expert & qualified professionals can take the productivity of your business a notch higher.

3. 24/7 Support

Be it business hours, support, or level1 support, we offer you support round the clock. You can rest assured that your productivity won’t be compromised.

Along with this, 24/7 server support and remediation will help you in all the crunch situations.

4. Anti-Malware & Anti-Phishing

A malware attack poses a great threat to security and privacy. It hijacks even some secure sessions with little scope for vulnerability and performs ransomware or spyware attacks.

Similarly, phishing—a kind of social engineering attack—is used to steal user data such as login credentials, credit card numbers, business card numbers, and other kinds of personal and sensitive information.

Small businesses are affected the most by these attacks. According to Small Business Trends, 43% of small businesses face phishing kinds of attacks every year.

And that’s a huge number, and you definitely don’t want your business to be one among them.

With a dedicated anti-malware service installed on your network system, you won’t have to worry about any kind of virus infiltration or infection.

Similarly, anti-phishing software will take care and warn you even before any phishing activity takes place. And with the help of these two services, you can count yourself out of those statistics.

5. Backup Monitoring

Even after taking all the necessary precautions, a simple error can create a huge mess. That’s the reason backups are essential.

However, is that the most we can do? Not at all!

The backed-up data needs constant monitoring due to the threatening ransomware attacks. Backup monitoring will analyze all the vulnerable points so that the security could be improved.

Here’s What You Should Do…

Give a call to 1 (480) 941-8280, and a Blue Fox Group executive will guide you with everything thereafter that you need to know.

Blue Fox Group helps businesses with their IT Services in Phoenix. Our quality service at your disposal can reduce all unpredictable costs.

With the complete managed support package, you can expect all the forementioned benefits along with on-site technical alignment, dedicated account manager, and virtual CIO services.

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