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What We DON’T Do at Blue Fox Group

Business leaders who have never worked with Blue Fox Group are often surprised to hear how adamant we are about what we don’t do. The reason is simple: there are definitely things your IT partner should do and should not do to serve you best.

Here’s what Blue Fox Group will NOT do for you:

1. Give You Advice Without a Strategy

Advice without a strategy is a blind sales pitch, and we are not salespeople. We are business IT consultants. Every IT decision has an impact on daily operations and business longevity. Providing IT support without assessing the impact on the business will only cost more over time.

2. Focus on REACTIVE support

Reactive support is necessitated by problems and emergencies. While we do provide reactive support, this is not the goal of working with you. Instead, we proactively manage your environment from an established set of standards and processes. When these are in place, they reduce the frequency of surprises and interruptions that erode time and money.

3. Only Fix What is Broken

Most of the time, an IT issue is symptomatic of a bigger problem. You don’t want an IT partner who only patches the dam. We are the partner who will help you establish standards, identify risks and manage business outcomes so that problems are found, fixed, and prevented from leading to bigger problems.

4. Compete on Price

We want to make an impactful difference in your business by aligning our IT consulting, best practices, and expertise with your stated business outcomes. What you get back in time, productivity and outcome should be demonstrably more than your investment into our services. We compete on value, not price.

At Blue Fox Group, we help business leaders find more time to work on high-priority tasks, drive down costs over time, work from an IT Roadmap to increase margins, budget IT spend, and reduce error in a systematic way.

Here’s what we DO at Blue Fox Group:

  • Help you define business outcomes and align IT to help you meet those outcomes.
  • Act as business consultants that work from an established Strategic and IT Roadmap to help you accomplish business goals.
  • Deliver a consistent set of industry standards and best practices across all areas of your IT infrastructure.
  • Reduce IT cost, eliminate risk and improve how technology enables you to prioritize high-value tasks and meet business objectives.
  • Help business leaders move away from transactional to transformational decision-making.

Let us show you a better way to align your IT deliverables with your business outcomes.

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