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What we WON’T do at Blue Fox Group

Our clients often express surprise when they learn about our firm stance on what we choose not to do at Blue Fox Group. Our mission is to guide business leaders beyond the routine transactional decisions in IT, steering them towards a more strategic and business-centric IT approach. As a result, it’s crucial to understand what your IT partner should do and what they shouldn’t.

Here’s what Blue Fox Group will NOT do:

1. Give you advice without a strategy.

Advice without a strategy is a blind sales pitch, and we are not salespeople. We are business IT consultants. Every IT decision has an impact on daily operations and business longevity. Providing IT support without assessing the impact on the business will only cost more over time. We conduct thorough business reviews systematically with your team, aligning IT strategies with your business goals.

2. Focus on providing reactive IT support.

Problems and emergencies necessitate reactive support. While we provide reactive support, this is not the goal of working with you. Instead, we proactively manage your environment from an established set of standards and processes. When these are in place, they reduce the frequency of surprises and interruptions that erode time and money. Learn more about our reactive and proactive approach to IT support.

3. Only fix what is broken.

Most of the time, an IT issue is symptomatic of a bigger problem. You don’t want an IT partner who only patches the dam. We are the partner who will help you identify risks, establish standards, and take action so that problems are found, fixed, and (most importantly) prevented from becoming repeat problems or problems that lead to more problems down the line.

4. Quote you a price to win a deal.

We want to make an impactful difference in your business by aligning our IT consulting, best practices, and expertise with your stated business outcomes. The return on your investment in our services—in terms of time, productivity, and results—should be clearly greater than the cost. While we focus on providing value rather than competing on price, if you’re interested in understanding the factors that influence IT service and support costs, we invite you to read our pricing blog. It provides detailed answers to these questions.

What we will DO for you at Blue Fox Group:

At Blue Fox Group, we are dedicated to helping business leaders move beyond mere transactional IT decisions, guiding them to adopt a strategy that aligns IT with core business objectives. This change empowers them to concentrate on high-impact activities and exceed their business targets. With a rich history of over 30 years in IT expertise within the Scottsdale region, we provide a comprehensive suite of services. These include managed IT services, consulting, IT project work, and technical project management designed to meet the needs of businesses of various sizes.

Here’s a concise overview:

  1. Collaborate with your team to identify business goals and tailor IT strategies to achieve these objectives.
  2. Serve as business advisors, utilizing a well-defined Strategic and IT Roadmap to maintain focus and achieve set milestones.
  3. Implement and regularly update a framework of industry-standard IT practices and benchmarks in your organization.
  4. Lower IT expenses, minimize the likelihood of suboptimal decisions, and enhance the role of technology in prioritizing critical tasks and attaining business goals.

Let us demonstrate a more effective method for syncing your IT initiatives with your business outcomes.

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