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Is your tech guy LYING to you?


Tune into Tech Talk when Blue Fox owners Mike Lindsley and Eric Wood tackle common lies they hear other tech experts make. Is your tech better than another IT tech? Is your tech guy telling you the truth? Find out in this episode of Tech Talk.

Can your tech guy be trusted?

As IT partners and tech “fixers,” we talk to business leaders who feel they don’t know if they can trust or take their tech staff at their word. Why not?

Mike Lindsley says technicians often complete IT tasks, but the job is often completed “at random” and outside any business scope. He says business leaders need to understand which tasks are being completed and how those tasks align with specific aspects of the business and IT strategy.

IT tasks should be transparent and need to be tied to business outcomes. (M. Lindsley)

Eric Wood states, “Too often, we rely on the technical guy to fix a business problem when IT technicians mostly spend their day putting out fires or fixing problems. They are focused on just improving short-term pain. When you are in fix-it mode, you are not thinking about cost, compliance, or how a decision impacts long-term business strategy.”

Wood explains that many problems are assessed after you’ve had to deal with and address the issue. Frustrated business leaders that fail to see an overall strategy in IT work will look for a new IT provider and ask, “How would you have handled that problem differently or solved the issue faster?” And our answer is always the same. If you don’t have a plan that makes the technician and the business successful, it won’t matter.

Real success for an IT project follows a plan and avoids short-term fixes(as much as possible). The best approach is to set up a business process based on business planning and constant documentation. This helps business leaders fully predict and avoid many of the daily issues IT is forced to fix.

Fixing the problem is where you get in trouble. (E. Wood)

Create transparent business processes, plan, document fixes, and repeat.

Want to tie your IT strategy to the bottom line?

At Blue Fox Group, we help business leaders find more time to work on high-priority tasks, reduce costs over time, and work from an IT Roadmap that systematically increases margins and meets business objectives.

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