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4 Upcoming Trends That Define Managed IT Services In 2020

Every year, MSP leaders come together on different occasions to discuss the technological and business aspects of what drives the market for MSPs.

Business models are majorly influenced by the regulatory bodies, macroeconomics, and various other market forces that focus more on efficiency and sustainability.

Such architecture promises higher revenues, capital expenditure, and effective pricing.

Trends shape these strategic plans, and they vary with time. That’s what we’re going to discuss today!

But before looking at those trends, let’s have a look at why MSP matters for your small business!

Why Managed IT Services?

Your hardware, software, and networking infrastructure for your business incurs heavy maintenance costs and can weigh you down.

With decreasing talent resources, organizations have been looking to managed services for IT support in Phoenix.

Companies will look at end-to-end infrastructure support, leveraging technical knowledge, expertise, vendor management, and other best practices.

So, your IT staff has the time and energy to focus on more mission-critical issues.

With time, everybody has to grow, evolve, and scale their IT needs. Thus, business leaders are looking for service providers who serve as their organization’s IT team extension.

Deploying managed services from trusted organizations helps you lower costs and increase productivity that ultimately gives you peace of mind!

4 Trends That Will Define MSPs In 2020

1. Hybrid Cloud Services

f you’re looking to transition to the cloud, hybrid cloud computing provides a fertile ground for the transition and provides a balance between different operations.

You can cut back on hardware and software costs as well as increase flexibility across services that can’t be accessed on-premise.

Hybrid cloud architecture requires:

  1. Public IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.
  2. A private cloud requires either an on-premise data center or you can host a private cloud service provider.
  3. WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity between two established environments, such as public and private cloud architecture.

Challenges Faced During Hybrid Cloud Setup:

  1. Technology Expertise
  2. Performance
  3. Compliance Management
  4. Growth Management
  5. Poor Security Control and Uncertainty With SLAs

That’s why managed IT services in Phoenix offer organizations with the ease and ability to deliver IT solutions quicker, better, and at considerably low costs!

2. Acquisitions On The Rise

You will notice an increase in mergers and acquisitions between MSPs for business operations.

It will likely give rise to integrated-services-as-a-package. Organizations prefer to pay for a package rather than individual services. It’s called the cost-cutting.

Competitors are likely to sell their solutions all under one roof. Such a scenario leads to different business mergers, and it will be an evolutionary action, and no one can sway away from it.

To be in the market, one has to take action that acts in the best interest of the customer!

3. Next-Level Security

The right MSP will always come up with ways to safeguard your organization proactively and take care of the outlining securities and the underlying architecture.

The future isn’t as safe as we predicted it to be! It’s more crucial today to find an MSP that promises managed security from access points to end-users.

Iranian hackers targeted the accounts of employees at major manufacturers and operators of industrial control systems.

Leveraging the latest cybersecurity strategies to protect your interests at every stage and preparing your organization to respond to cyberattacks is the new security stack that MSPs will introduce in 2020.

Your team is well-prepared to quickly identify threats before they do more damage. Averting a crisis to minimize damage is the new mantra!

4. IoT (Internet of Things)

The number of connected devices across the world will increase from 20 billion in 2017 to 60 billion in 2024. Source

IoT has the potential to revolutionize how businesses gather, manage, and use data. That’s why it has grabbed the attention of all the MSPs around the world.

With the right MSP, you can leverage the power of IoT solutions to add long-term value to your operations.


For managed IT services in Phoenix, call Blue Fox Group at 1 (480) 941-8280 today!

Managed services are no longer a luxury enjoyed only by large corporations. It’s equally favored by small businesses.

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