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Ripple Effect of IT Choices on Your Time, Money and Reputation

Big and small IT choices impact your internal operation costs, employee productivity, and your customer’s perception of your ability to deliver (especially if technical issues inhibit your ability to deliver!) The ripple effect of IT choices impacts money, time, and reputation.

Sometimes a story illustrates this best. Below are three different stories that greatly impacted time, money, and reputation. What seemed like a good choice had a ripple effect that could not be stopped.

Avoid making these mistakes!

Story 1: Less expensive backup ends up costing 10x more than the original spend.

  • Everyone wants to save money, especially when it comes to IT. The IT staff managing 55 locations purchased an inexpensive backup solution rather than working with a local IT service provider to monitor, manage, and create image backups, initially saving $7,000.
  • A month after putting in their backup solution, everything went down.
  • When the network and data were recovered, almost everything came up except the database. Unbeknownst to the IT guy, the database was not getting backed up.

The End Result: The company lost an entire month of work and data. It costs the company 10x more than the original price to replace the old backup system with the system recommended by the IT service partner.

Story 2: A security breach gets an IT team member fired, and customers leave the firm.

  • This company works with remote vendors who need regular access to their database.
  • Instead of setting up security policies, this organization decided to leave the firewall port open, which allowed hackers to come onto the network.
  • Customer credit card data was stolen, and a crypto lock was placed on the network.
  • The company was forced to pay the hacker’s demands to prevent the data from being sold on the internet.
  • Compliance laws required letters to be sent to customers informing them that their data had been hacked.

The End Result: Consequently, the IT person was let go for not preventing the cyber-attack. A security policy was then created, and this company lost several clients as a result.

Here is a story about a choice that resulted in a great gain of time and resources. 

Story 3: This national CPA firm reduces complexity, time & costs.

  • Financial firms have for a long time been governed by compliance regulations.
  • Businesses with sensitive customer data like credit cards or social security numbers have often tried to manage their data in-house, using physical servers and backup to satisfy compliance regulations.
  • Onsite management of your data comes with a lengthy set of compliance rules, such as logging in every person who enters a building.
  • Most firms do not have the personnel or ability to meet these requirements.
  • This CPA firm moved their server, data, and back up to the cloud, transferring regulation responsibility to a professional IT service provider, like Blue Fox Group, who has the protocols to meet regulatory requirements and guarantee accurate data backup.

The End Result: They cut costs by 37% and reduced the daily complexity of verifying backup, giving the team back 18 hours in time each month!

Is it worth it to partner with an outside IT team?

Partnering with an outside IT team does NOT mean that you get rid of your internal IT team members. Working with an outside IT vendor like Blue Fox Group means you work with a consulting team that helps you focus on high-priority tasks rather than IT emergencies, by working from an IT Roadmap that increases margins, plans for IT spending and reduces error in a very systematic way.

At Blue Fox Group, we provide 3 specific advantages:

  • Together, we reduce the amount of time you dedicate to buying and maintaining technology while helping you avoid technology pitfalls that consume your time.
  • Save your organization money by purchasing only what you really need when you need it.
  • Help you to avoid technology mishaps and blunders that erode customer confidence and tarnish your reputation.

Tell us how we can help you.

Blue Fox Group is dedicated to helping businesses tackle daily and difficult IT challenges. Connect with us to start a discussion around how we might help you leverage technology positively to help you streamline operations, grow revenue, and simply do your job better.

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