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Cyber Security Protection from Hackers

How to Fully Protect Your Computer

Cybercriminals are savvy, and they have a single mission, and that is to take something you have. They want to steal your credentials, resources, passwords, and financial information, and they are always a set ahead of most business firewalls and anti-virus software for the simple fact that these tools know how to identify known threats. Unusual activity, email attachments with hidden scripts, and phishing links often go unnoticed until it’s too late. That’s why all businesses, regardless of size and revenue, need an IT security partner that can help monitor, detect, and prevent threats that steal your most precious asset, your customer data, and your financial information.

Blue Fox Group provides the latest technology and proactive prevention plans to give your business a broad range of cybersecurity services that protect against even unknown cyber threats. Companies of all sizes can experience the benefits of a team of security experts who watch, detect, and prevent cyber threats, ensuring your business is protected.

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Cyber Security Solutions That Work

Outsmarting Hackers: Managed Detection & Response

Businesses face an ever-changing barrage of challenges to their cyber defenses. Advanced AI detection, 24×7 monitoring detects known and zero-day threats respond and remove threats before they reach your environment quickly, efficiently, and systematically.

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Dark Web Monitoring

We go behind the lines to gain insight into hacker communities and cybercriminal marketplaces where your users’ credentials, such as email credentials and passwords, are sold. When detected, we respond swiftly, ahead of a breach, preventing your credentials from being compromised and trafficked on the dark web. This is one of the ways companies protect themselves from cybercrime.

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Cybersecurity, at Your Service

Introduce an enterprise-level cybersecurity program into your business that is simple and cost-effective with secured cloud VPN and networking, detection and response, cloud firewall, zero-day threat removal and protection, and 24×7 security operation center services – all for one low price.

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Let’s Talk About How Companies Protect Themselves from Cyber Crime

Let’s discuss your options.

Safeguarding your business from cyber threats demands a comprehensive solution that extends beyond data protection. This audit will follow a 5-step process providing you with a plan of action for moving forward.

  • Review of your security posture and gaps
  • Review any regulatory compliance activity and requirements
  • Review the best practice Cloud Strategy
  • Determine how to store and safeguard large amounts of sensitive data
  • Build a Remote Worker Security Checklist
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