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Important COVID-19 Security Announcement

As businesses continue to take precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Blue Fox Group leadership wants to share a message that is very important to all businesses:

Your data is at risk more than ever. This is prime time for cyber thieves to target your business and your data because your data is more vulnerable than it has ever been before. Employees are working from home and accessing the network which, means in simple language, there is now a way into your network.

Facts to Consider for Data Security When Working From Home:

  1. Antivirus software is NOT enough. Antivirus software prevents “known” threats. It cannot detect or prevent unknown threats and cyber thieves are working continuously to find new ways to penetrate the network.
  2. Outdated firewalls or past-due updates are magnets for hackers. They search the internet trying to find this loophole. It is highly likely that many of your employees do not have updated firewalls when working from home.
  3. Most companies do not have multi-factor authentication enabled. That’s just a fact. Once your credentials are sold on the dark web, your network is a fair game. We see networks that are hacked and the company goes days before even knowing about it.
  4. Most employees will work from their home PC. These PCs are mostly not protected. Be aware that if you do not have a cloud strategy or remote access strategy you’re putting the business at risk.

Quick 3 Minute Video on Technology Considerations & Increase or Kill Productivity When Working from Home

Here is some good news. Blue Fox Group has dedicated a group of employees to help local businesses overcome these issues with 3 important no-cost offers:

  • Security From Home Review: We will work with your IT team (or if you don’t have an IT person on staff, we will work with your lead) to check all firewalls, antivirus software, network-scripts, suspicious email offers and unusual network activity to ensure all data ports are safe. THIS IS CRITICAL for all staff working from home.
  • Work from Home Efficiency Review: Again, working with your team, we will review your current cloud applications, collaboration tools, business voice, conferencing, and cloud bandwidth speeds to help your team work best remotely.
  • Already using Office 365? While many companies use O365 in the cloud, they don’t really know how to use it well or they have not configured it correctly to get maximum use. Let us show you where you can get greater efficiency from a tool you already use.

Two ways to tell us you are interested in all or any of these offers:

1.    Call us at (480) 941-8280 and tell us what you are interested in doing.

2.    Fill out an online form and we will reach out to find a time that works for you.  

We at Blue Fox Group will do everything in our power to protect and support you, your employees and your business. If we can be of service to you now or in the future, please let us know.

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