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3 Things that Drive Up the Cost of an Office Move

Your business technology equipment is the lifeblood of your company. If your systems aren’t working and your phones aren’t ringing in your new office, then you can’t operate. It cannot be overstated that getting this aspect of your office move wrong (i.e. delays & downtime) can have major operational and financial costs to the business.

3 Things that Drive Up the Cost of Your Next Office Move

  1. Timing is everything, and the most frequent cost of any office move is schedule cramping. Labor fees and rates can quickly increase delivery delays and the exact location of technology and equipment have not been properly placed in advance. Plan adequate time for cabling completion after things like furniture and carpeting have been completed. Your IT Provider should be able to provide reasonable schedule expectations. Voice and network cabling cannot be completed through modular furniture until it’s delivered and assembled. Quite often, delays in delivery and assembly create the need for cabling teams to work through the night, which is guaranteed to impact your pocketbook. This is needlessly expensive and stressful. When purchasing furnishings, put strict penalty clauses into your contracts so that furniture and carpet vendors are responsible for any premium labor costs which are caused by their late delivery or installation.
  2. Third-party vendors delivering independent services like telcos, ISPs, carrier services, etc. will execute their portions of your move plan as you expect. After all, you signed an order form and sent it in— you even have written confirmation! Rule of thumb… the larger the vendor, the more ways it can mangle your service delivery. Ensure you do the following to eliminate the risk of moving into an office without connectivity: Engage professional technical project management. Carriers and ISPs can tell when experienced technology project management is being practiced – and are more likely to assign their best people to your project and to have a back-up plan or resource.
  1. Plan your physical space in advance. Technology providers, like Blue Fox Group, can help you shave thousands of dollars off the final bill by reducing the number of cable outlets (so that you don’t have to light up every cable box). They can help you plan the new office space around the flow of employee traffic, helping you extend existing and new equipment for multiple purposes, reducing the amount of technology you have to buy. They can help you consolidate your carrier fees, substantially reducing your current carrier bills. They can help you purchase equipment at greatly reduced rates, just to name a few. Planning and partnering with a certified and forward-thinking IT partner will help you reduce a myriad of costs that add up quickly during any office move.

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