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Case Study – Healthcare Organization

case study


the challenges:

  • Scalability for a growing start up
  • Provide and manage portable devices for remote employees
  • Remain HIPAA compliant to secure and control patient data
  • Defend against cyber threats and ransomware attacks
  • Maintain secure and reliable data back ups

As a startup, EvolvedMD was faced with issues related to scalability. They needed to manage their technology in a manner that allowed them to grow securely with a remote workforce. As a provider of medical services, they must adhere to all federal HIPAA regulations in order to protect the constituents they serve properly.

Their concerns were magnified by a ransomware attack on an unrelated company that was costly and crippling to that business’s operations.

They were looking for an IT solution that would secure their operations, ensure their ability to grow, and provide peace of mind that would allow them to concentrate their time and energy on delivering world-class service to their patients.

the solutions:

  • Cloud-based services for flexibility to work from anywhere on any device securely
  • Identity management, single sign on with individual site control access that included multifactor authentication, encrypted hard drives, USB port security, advanced email security and filters for phishing scams
  • Employees never see passwords so now they cannot share it or lose it
  • Devices as a Service, saves time on the procurement process and ensures you always have the latest technology at a reasonable price
  • Secure back ups through the cloud

Blue Fox Group had an in-depth and comprehensive meeting with the EvolvedMD owners to not only understand their concerns but to also identify challenges that would inevitably arise given their operations as well as their growth trajectory.

Identity management was our first priority. This would allow their remote workforce to safely work from anywhere with complete device security. Blue Fox Group adapted their technology to implement multifactor authentication, encrypted hard drives, USB port security, advanced email security and secure cloud backups.

Blue Fox Group was able to build a safe, secure, and infallible password program that employees would be unable to share, lose or otherwise compromise. We provided each employee with a special device that helped to minimize capital expenditures while also enhancing the organization’s ability to utilize the most advanced technology available in their industry.

the results

Itential and planned IT has enabled this healthcare provider to grow its business even faster.

Blue Fox Group’s innovative approach solved the issues at hand while also allowing for unimpeded future growth. Today’s tech-driven world requires solutions that not only solve for the now but also provide for a more promising tomorrow. We put forth a plan that supported EvolvedMD’s aggressive growth initiatives, by focusing business and IT leaders on leveraging technology to meet growth and business outcomes (and not the other way around!).

Blue Fox Group was able to deliver solutions within the allotted budget that ultimately saved the client valuable capital in a time when cash flow was most critical. We are appreciative of the partnership and grateful for the opportunity to serve such a valuable member of our community.

is your business facing an IT or cybersecurity challenge?

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