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Blue Fox Group Helps Local Arizona Companies Move Outdated Servers Seamlessly to the Cloud

Blue Fox Group a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP) is leveraging Microsoft Azure to help eliminate outdated IT hardware in small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and make a seamless transition to the cloud. Microsoft’s most common suite of products has reached expiration such as Windows 7 and as those products and services have matured into obsolescence along with server they ride on. Blue Fox Group has been proactively transitioning companies with end-of-life Microsoft products into Microsoft Azure in order to keep them up-to-date with the contemporary business world.

While many business owners are accustomed to purchasing on-premise servers, this way of storing data has become obsolete with the proliferation of the cloud. Aside from the fact that the tech world has embraced the cloud and that virtually all innovation from this point forward will incorporate the cloud in some way, most on-premise servers have matured beyond their useful life into obsolescence. On-premise servers are vulnerable to becoming outdated, which leads to major security concerns for business owners. On top of that, without regular updates and software upgrades, they are susceptible to slower speeds while the rest of the world is speeding up. In sum, it makes no sense for business owners to outlay large capital expenditures on deteriorating technology.

“Unfortunately, on-premise just doesn’t make fiscal sense, anymore,” stated Mike Lindsley, Owner of Blue Fox Group. “While most businesses are expanding and need to have hardware that scales, cloud servers that cater to a mobile workforce and data that can be confidently secured, on-premise has fallen behind the curve. Since our customers’ businesses can’t afford that level of inefficiency within their organizations, we’ve been very proactive in ushering in this transition. We’ve been transitioning our customers into Azure and will continue to do so, to keep them ahead of the curve and more importantly, profitable.”

Utilizing cloud servers through Microsoft Azure enables businesses to benefit from regularly updated and upgraded hardware to keep data integrity strong. Additionally, Microsoft Azure is a direct response to the growing demand for secure access to data from a mobile workforce that spans across multiple locations. With Millennials and now Gen Z entering the workforce, these trends show no signs of slowing down. Lindsley later continued, “At some point in the near future, owning on-site servers will be like having a coin-operated telephone in the lobby for your employees to use. How are your top employees supposed to perform at peak levels with obsolete technology like that?”

On-premise servers have gone the way of the fax machine and in the same manner that utilizing older hardware increases cost through lack of efficiency, on-premise servers must be updated, immediately. Blue Fox Group has positioned themselves and their customers ahead of the curve to make sure their customers remain productive, efficient and profitable with technology like Microsoft Azure.

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