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How quickly will your team respond to our support issue?


Let’s address the most asked question we are asked as service providers, “How quickly will your team respond to our support issues, and how do we know you will deliver on your promise?”

Many businesses know they need IT support. After all, the network is the foundation for nearly any function an employee fulfills in his/her daily job. From access to cloud-based applications to retrieving files, taking customer calls from any device, or just conducting a call via video, technology impacts nearly everything we do.

Claims are meaningless without evidence or proof that you can fulfill your promise to deliver quick and accurate IT support. In this next IT Alignment video, CTO and Co-Owner, Eric Wood of Blue Fox Group will address how Blue Fox Group addresses this important question. He will demonstrate how the Blue Fox Group’s five pillars of service delivery work together, their roles and why this combination makes an essential difference in meeting service targets and promises.

This video will address the points:

1. Support Metrics that Tell the Support Story

  • Average resolution time to meet a high-priority ticket
  • Average resolution time to meet a reactive service ticket
  • How these numbers are met

2. The Evidence or Proof that Your IT Team Can Meet and Exceed Support Targets

  • The ideal (and Blue Fox Group) Support Team composition
  • Everyday support questions the Blue Fox Group team receives and how these questions are addressed in the 5 Service Delivery Areas
  • Important differentiators between various types of team capabilities and skills needed to keep your business safe and secure

3. The Inside Support Scoop

Get the breakdown on why a Virtual CIO in any sized organization is needed and how this role sets strategy and pace for your network administration and centralized service teams to create a cohesive approach to troubleshoot issues and prevent problems before they begin.

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