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5 IT Problems Your Managed Service Provider Can Solve for You

Not every IT issue you face when you’re running your business will need you to engage with a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

But there will be certain IT issues that can only be solved by technology providers that offer specialized managed I.T. services like Blue Fox Group.

This is because with the introduction of newer technologies, newer problems emerge sooner than most businesses can afford not to address.

Here’s how you can be prepared and stay one step ahead of your evolving IT needs.

1. Recovery and Repair Costs

There are multiple ways in which a network can go wrong.

Thus, troubleshooting can be a tough as well as a time-consuming task.

Small businesses panic and sometimes lose control over crucial tasks at hand, resulting in chaos.

Managed IT services eliminates such possibility by implementing prevention techniques, and also by actively monitoring and maintaining the network.

Businesses can rest assured that they will be able to avoid uncertain and disastrous events.

2. Maintaining Expensive In-House IT Staff

You can choose to pay $50,000 annually to an IT engineer/specialist, who is just one employee, along with their health benefits and corporate care OR you can choose to do the right thing.

It’s good to have an in-house IT department, which has its own merits, but more often than not, you are going to need the outside expertise of a managed team that can design and implement the most advanced and latest technology in short order.

Blue Fox Group implements managed services with a hassle-free solution that provides you with your own knowledgeable and quick-paced IT team whenever you need them.

3. Extra Fees

Did you know that most IT companies charge you for any travel expenses they incur to get to your office?

Also, if you require them on a night or weekend, be ready to spend more!

When you face a problem, you need the solution ASAP. Otherwise, a solution at the cost of time is of no use.

Blue Fox Group provides remote monitoring so that they can keep an eye on your network from their office.

They provide 24/7 business support to offer high-end solutions that are easy to implement.

4. Data-Security

According to IBM, 62% of cyber-attacks hit small to mid-sized businesses every day.

This is because small businesses are easy targets for cyber-criminals.

More than 900 million records containing sensitive information were compromised in the early months of 2017 alone.

Possible attacks on your information and network, leaking valuable data from an organization including confidential customer data results in a complete structural breakdown of an organization.

Blue Fox Group confronts numerous data threats on your behalf.

5. Lost Time Over Pre-Paid Services

Pre-paid services are a good option but they do come with their own disadvantages.

You intend to make the most of your services, but with pre-paid services, you could end up paying more than you actually use.

These minor deficit expenses grow to a large number which can surprise you at the end of every fiscal year.

Blue Fox Group provides accountability for every action.

So, you pay only for those services that you actually use.

Hiring managed services companies isn’t a luxury for small businesses anymore, it’s a necessity.

Your competitors have probably already found a managed IT service provider.

Don’t get left behind, contact Blue Fox Group today.

For smaller businesses, Blue Fox Group takes care of all system requirements – network layer, servers, support – so, owners and managers don’t have to worry.

Call them today at 1 (480) 941-8280 – 24/7 helpdesk.

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