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4 Reasons You Need to Use Phone for Customer Support

Customer expectations are growing every day.

Businesses constantly face the crucial challenge of implementing multi-channel customer support.

This is when a phone still remains a channel that plays a crucial role in customer success and determines the quality of your customer support.

Being able to have that voice to voice interaction makes phone communication an essential channel.

Why Use Phone for Customer Support?

Even though newer technologies have been introduced, phones still remain the most used medium.

The phone is used 48 percent of the times and 80 percent of the times is a preferred method for reaching out to a customer support executive.

The new challenge is figuring out how to merge other technologies with phones and use it to enhance your business.

Using a phone for customer service benefits not only your customers but also your business.

Therefore, it might be the right time for your business to switch to business phone services.

Although non-voice channels like chat and emails exist on a large scale, they remain under-utilized even in today’s world.

So, you need to make sure your phone channel is efficient. Here’s how…

1. Speed

Often, the calls you receive are escalated issues that have not been resolved on digital forums or online.

Customers demand answers in real time. But you have to the have the manpower to maintain online forums and some problems are too complex to be resolved on any other channel.

Therefore, it is essential to optimize your phone channel as it will be a major setback when other assistance channels aren’t working for the customers.

How to increase your speed?

Make sure your team’s objective should be First Call Resolution (FCR).You can make an FCR a performance indicator for your technical and customer support team and judge them based on the performance.

Different types of Contact Center software assist in helping your team handle FCR quickly and efficiently.

2. Simplicity

People think a phone channel serves as your safety net. However, it is more than that.

When a website lacks a phone number, customers will find it difficult to find you. 47% of people in the year 2013 were disappointed when they were unable to call into the business.

Phone channels simplify the customer experience.

How can you implement simplicity?

Add click-to-call feature or a call back feature on your website/app.

Click to call features call the customer immediately, adding the customer to a waiting list.

The customer will then receive a call back anytime in a stipulated amount of time.Due to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the features of a phone channel have evolved.The objective is more customer satisfaction and less customer effort.

3. Empathy

Anyone who’s ever worked in the customer service knows the most important rule is to empathize with the customer.

Probably, this is why phone is a preferred method for customers.

Showing empathy helps you create a good rapport with the customer and it also increases customer loyalty. Since phone communication is an amazing way to make the customer feel valued.

How to implement Empathy?

When you show empathy, you are basically making your customer’s issue your own.Making them feel they are valued and they are more than just a number.Showing empathy correctly will turn a bad review into a potentially good review.

4. Growth

Good customer service ensures a loyal customer for life.

You can use the same tool for the growth of your company by monitoring calls and collecting data that are related to the customer experience by asking your customers.

You can use a survey; you can conduct it over emails or phone calls.The better the feedback, the more engaged your client is with your business.

The best way is to conduct it over an email, IVR or by sending a text message.What’s more is that you can use this data to benefit your business.

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